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The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is down to its final day after the completion of Event 20.  This event was a fixed limit, 6-max Hold’em tournament, with starting stack sizes of 5,000 chips and 15 minute blinds.  Once again there were three separate tournaments with a low, medium, and high buy-in.

The SCOOP Event 20, low buy-in tournament saw 2,472 players pay the $50 + $5 entry fee for their shot at $25,000 guaranteed.  The guarantee was again easily covered for the low buy-in event as the final prize pool was almost five times the original guarantee, ending up at $123,600.  420 players would make the cash in this one, but of course, everyone was trying to make the final table and get a very nice return on a relatively small investment.  Here’s how it ended up:

6th – drood – $2,193.91

5th – boohoocry – $4,303.76

4th – P0KERDUUDE – $6,736.21

3rd – PokerTom681 – $10,382.41

2nd – msp20 – $14,214.01

1st – Perumov – $19,467.01

In the SCOOP Event 20 medium buy-in game there was a guaranteed $200,000 up for grabs.  This too was covered, as 540 entrants paid $500 + $30, bringing the total purse to $270,000.  The top 78 players would be paid, with the minimum payout being set at $783.  Notable players in the mid buy-in event included Barry Greenstein, Victor Ramdin, Gavin Griffin, and Vanessa Rousso.

The medium buy-in would be just the beginning of a very eventful night for one player in particular, as he would be the first person to pull off a very difficult accomplishment during this SCOOP multi-buy-in tournament structure.  The players battled for over 8 hours to get to the final table.  When they arrived, the chip stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: savagegamble (462,364 in chips)

Seat 2: MCJS (252,442 in chips)

Seat 3: Unassigned (449,672 in chips)

Seat 4: Victor510 (133,704 in chips)

Seat 5: Lest@t Lion (425,988 in chips)

Seat 6: jasjas11 (975,830 in chips)

The battle ensued from there as the second leading chip stack of the final table at the beginning of play, savagegamble, would be the first eliminated when he got top pair, with Jd4d, all-in, on a flop of TcJh3h vs. QhTs of jasjas11.  The turn showed a Kh and the river, the final nail in the coffin for savagegamble, was the As, giving jasjas11 the runner, runner straight.

Meanwhile, Unassigned would begin making his move, catching some friendly cards, and eventually find himself in the final 2 facing off against jasjas11.  The chip count at the beginning of heads-up play was Unassigned 먹튀검증 – 1,612,980 and jasjas11 – 1,087,020.  The two battled for a little over an hour, but it came down to jasjas11 calling until he was all-in on a board of 4c4s8dAc while holding Qc6c for a flush draw.  Unassigned, who had been the aggressor in this hand, and during much of the heads-up action, held Kh3c for King high.  However, the river was a blank 9d, eliminating jajas11 and crowning Unassigned the champion of the SCOOP Event 20 medium buy-in event.  It would only get better for him from here.

Final results

6th – savagegamble – $8,397.00

5th – MCJS – $13,500.00

4th – Victor510 – $18,900

3rd – Lest@t Lion – $27,675.00

2nd – jasjas11 – $37,800.00

1st – Unassigned – $51,300.00

The high buy-in SCOOP event 20 had only 99 players, but still eclipsed the $400,000 guarantee by $95,000.  Some high profile players who took part in the high roller event included Barry Greenstein, Daniel Negreanu, Shaun Deeb, and Vanessa Rousso.  However, this would be Terrence “Unassigned” Chan’s night.  After just completing the medium buy-in event and taking down top prize, Unassigned found himself also battling the final table at the high roller event.

He held the chip lead going into the final table, with only one other player within quick striking distance.

Seat 1: zangbezan24 (117,171 in chips)

Seat 2: nimzon (75,502 in chips)

Seat 3: madscout (49,218 in chips)

Seat 4: shaundeeb (68,600 in chips)

Seat 5: Unassigned (127,949 in chips)

Seat 6: Tulkaz (56,560 in chips)

Saundeeb, who started the final table 4th in chips, would be the player to turn up the aggression and make the most significant move.  He eventually found himself in the final two with Unassigned and well within range of having a great shot at the championship.  Final two chip count:  shaundeeb – 222,678, Unassigned – 272,322.  And shaundeeb took a great shot at the title, too – at one point having Terrence “Unassigned” Chan down to just 84,000 in chips.  It didn’t take long for Chan to turn up the heat, though, as he would battle back and eventually get the chip count back to nearly even, and not long after that, take a commanding lead.

The final hand showed just how hot Chan was running as he held KQo and saw a flop of QJT after the betting was capped pre-flop.  Chan check-raised the flop and again the betting was capped.  The turn brought an 8 and Deeb got his last 4,178 chips into the pot, flipping over a set of Tens versus Chan’s top pair and open-ender.  Much to Deeb’s dismay, the river brought the straight with an Ace, and Unassigned took down his second 1st place finish of the night!  His one night winnings totaled $186,187.50…not too shabby!

6th -Tulkaz – $25,987.50

5th – zangbezan24 – $34,650.00

4th – madscout – $47,025.00

3rd – nimzon – $69,300.00

2nd – shaundeeb – $90,337.50

1st – Unassigned – $134,887.50

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