New 먹튀사이트 Rules for a New Year


I was going to call this column “New Years Resolutions for Online Casinos and Online Gamers”, but I changed my mind at the last minute. These resolutions need to be treated differently than the standard New Years Resolutions which, despite one’s best intentions, usually last only a week.

For Casino Management/Staff


I will remember, at all times, the online gamer pays my salary and is the only reason I have a job.

If I decide to change the rules of any recurring promotion, I will NOT just change the website, but will also utilize the email information provided upon registration by my customer to inform them of the new rules.

If a promotion is for an email recipient only, I will state that in the promotion.

I will make sure that the requirements for cashing out are simple to understand and included in every offer that has requirements for cashing out.

I will include on my website, in an obvious and advertised page, the following information: The name of my software provider; The hours of operation for my Customer Service department; The typical response time from Customer Service; The name of the company that processes the credit card transactions; How the credit card transactions will appear on my customers bill; The average amount of time for a credit or debit to appear in my customers credit card account after the transaction has been completed.

For the Online Gamer

I will be polite and reasonable, and will always include my name and account information in all written communication.

I will read the entire website before I make a deposit. If I have any questions, I will ask them before I make a deposit.

I will subscribe to Gambling Grumbles at so that I am always aware of the Casinos that are unresponsive or otherwise not worthy of my patronage.

If I see a promotion posted by someone other than the casino, I will ask the casino if I am eligible BEFORE I deposit.

I will not play at a Casino using their bonus money, if it is a Casino at which I would not play without a bonus.

As with most things in life, the fewer the rules, the easier to live with. This is why I kept it to five ‘resolutions’ for each group. There are many more that could be listed, but it seems to me that if the above are followed, it would eliminate most of the 먹튀사이트 problems, misunderstandings, complaints, disappointment, and frustrations. It is unfair for either side to expect the ‘other side’ to follow basic rules, when they are not willing to do so themselves.

Until next time, I wish you a prosperous New Year. Knowledge is power, use yours … and if you don’t have any, don’t gamble.




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