20k Flip Fest at Full Tilt Poker


On Saturday night while I was playing on Full Tilt Poker I noticed some action going on at the high stakes PLO tables. So, I decided to check it out and noticed that Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen,  sanghoki SteveSung, LoLina and several other players were doing $20k flips on the 200/400 PLO tables.

Basically the players would raise it up to $20k preflop, then check it around for the turn and the river. At some points there were 5 players at the table and they pots were $100,000 each hand.

I am not sure who the big winners and losers were, but when Antonius left he said he was down $100k and was sitting with over $350k at the table. Gus Hansen was the only one who seemed happy and typed “GGGG ” as he left the table.

Taylor Caby tried his luck, but lost $100k in about 5 minutes. As he left the table he wrote: “I lost a bad ferrari flipping”.

Some other players that joined included OnTheRize and pr1nnyraid.

It was pretty interesting to watch these degenerate gamblers throwing around such large amounts of money as this went on for about 2 hours.

You can see the logs from all the flips here, or you can download the chat from the game here.

If you have never seen this action online, you gotta download Full Tilt Poker today.

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Craig Marquis Chats at FTP

Craig Marquis is one of the final 9 players left in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. Today he was over at Full Tilt Poker answering questions in the Ask The Pro section of the site, so I decided to throw some questions to him.

At first I was wondering who the hell is Craig Marquis, and how he became a pro, but after a quick google search I quickly figured it out. Apparently he is good buddies with Tom Dwan, and since 2007 has been tearing up the poker tables moving from 2/4 to 200/400 under the username CraigMarq.

Here are some of the best ones from the chat with Craig:

Question From brbgraham: Who are you?

Craig Marquis: craig, who are you?

Question From brbgraham: Tiffany Michelle or Kimberly Lansing?

Craig Marquis: kimberly

Question From GINGER88: If you weren’t a poker profesional, what other profession would you have chosen?

Craig Marquis: ninja

Question From fireball030303: where r u from, where did u start playing

Craig Marquis: arlington, tx, i started playing on full tilt in january 07

Question From brbgraham: How did you become a Full Tilt Pro?

Craig Marquis: it was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Question From Reeny1010: you have already won 1,2 mil, did you get a part of that or not not before november?

Craig Marquis: i got paid 9th place money already

Question From ranger110: is this chat an obligation with full tilt?

Craig Marquis: nope, im just bored

Question From brbgraham: Did you dime out chino to the cops for the outstanding warrants?

Craig Marquis: yes, i hired Dog the Bounty Hunter

Question From NocturnalK: so what steps should I take to becoming a poker pro?

Craig Marquis: play a ton

Question From Reeny1010: do you still play with your “old” poker friends and what limits do you play with them?

Craig Marquis: my “old” poker friends play nosebleeds on here, so I don’t play with them often

Question From bustdanutsnya: how do you recommend playing sit n go turbos

Craig Marquis: turbo styleeeeee

Question From brbgraham: Why did you pick Full Tilt over Stars…. was it in hopes to score a date with Jennifer Harman?

Craig Marquis: i like their software a tonnnnn more. stars software tilts me

Question From GINGER88: annybody you like to play online that isn’t a pro. you dont have to mention names and do you do

fairly well against them?

Craig Marquis: yea, i have my favorites to play against. pretty much anyone who is bad. i <3 them

Question From brbgraham: What are you doing to prepare for the big game… private tutouring?

Craig Marquis: not really.

Question From brbgraham: How many suckouts did it take to get to the final table?

Craig Marquis: 2

Question From durrrr6: why tom dwan is not a pro on full tilt

Craig Marquis: he doesn’t want to be i don’t think

Question From brbgraham: What is the best advice you would give someone new to poker?

Craig Marquis: play, a lot

Question From phear41: can you read souls?

Craig Marquis: yes, but only when im wearing my soul reader sunglasses

Question From mbs24: how do you calculate odds?

Craig Marquis: with maths

Question From brbgraham: Who do you think is the biggest threat at the final table?

Craig Marquis: whoever has the most chips right now. i think its dennis

Question From Beiss: What is your favourite moment in your poker career?

Craig Marquis: when i soulcrushed brandon cantu on day 6 of the wsop and snapcalled his river bluff for the biggest pot of the

tournament, giving me the chip lead

Question From Reeny1010: is your strategy the same like jerrys last year and to play that agressive?

Craig Marquis: my strategy is nothing like jerry yangs

Craig Marquis: except for the wanting to win part

Question From brbgraham: What will you do with the money if you win?

Craig Marquis: buy an aston martin dbs

Question From Mirek1988: james bond huh

Craig Marquis: yea, hes a baller

Question From Beiss: What is meaning of life?

Craig Marquis: 42

Question From Nicholas Vietri: Do you play any other site besides fulltilt?

Craig Marquis: nope

Craig Marquis: i <3 me some full tilt.

Question From brbgraham: How did you go from playing 2/4 to 200/400 in under a year? How much did you start with, and did

you win just in cash games?

Craig Marquis: i started with $100 and worked my way up in cash games

Question From ShavedNuTs: i have to say coming from poker stars i love full tilt, did poker stars confront you at

the main event?

Craig Marquis: yea, a full tilt rep and a stars rep had a sword fight to the death, the winner got to sponsor me

Question From GINGER88: im at a final table with les

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