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Let’s face it. Casinos are in the business to make money. They also must satisfy their client’s need to win money too, or those customers won’t come back again. Just like land-based casinos, the answer is it depends upon the casino.

Most of the major internet casinos that have been around for a little while are safe and

provide odds equal to or better than Vegas. There is the possibility in the near future of these casinos becoming certified for verification that their odds are as they have stated.

For safety reasons, you should avoid small operations because they are less likely to adhere to the industry standards established by the online gaming community.

Choosing The Right Casino

Look for legitimate sites. There are many ways of going about this task. Ask others you know who have experienced internet gaming houses which their favorites are and why. You can look for forums, newsgroups or directories which provide site reviews on the internet gambling scene. Forums are great because they give you the chance to read what others have to say about particular sites and their experiences.

There are licensed internet casinos. For example, Antigua offers a site where you can view a directory of licensed casinos registered with them. Most licensed sites are very reputable and trustworthy.

Always check to see if there is a contact phone number available for the casino. Many e-mail addresses are available but this method of เว็บคาสิโนcommunication is not necessarily the most effective way to get your concerns or problems solved. Knowing you can contact a real person, is a reassurance that should not be overlooked.

Be wary of sites offering deals that are too good to be true. You should wonder about a site offering too high a payout or signing bonus. The industry standard is a signing bonus of 10 – 20%.

Look for sites that advertise in many places. These sites understand the importance of advertising and aren’t skimping on attracting their target market. Usually someone who is in it for the short-term quick money, is not going to advertise extensively.

What do to if you have a complaint about unfair treatment from a site? The Interactive

Gaming Council at has been set up to accept complaints against any of their member casinos.

Always read a casino’s information or FAQs page. These pages give you information on the casino, their rules, how the betting works, the odds, cash-out policies and much more information that is important to making an informed decision. If you feel

uncomfortable about giving your money to a site, then find another one that suits your needs better. You should also check out the Privacy Policy of a site. This page will tell you what the company does with the personal information they gather on you while you are visiting or playing on their site.

Things happen. You could be online and experience a power failure or have your internet connection disconnected for no reason. This can happen and if it does (and you are in the middle of a game with a large wager,) then you need to contact the casino to get a credit for the wager that was in progress. This is where customer service is crucial. You should have available to you a customer service representative that you can contact to fix problems like this.

All online casinos use software to operate their sites. There are few casino software creators. Differences between software programs being used can vary a bit site to site, but most are very similar. Most software is created with the customer in mind. There are two criteria areas every software program tries to address, customer services and fairness to the players.




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