Introducing Instagram Direct: Photos Within Direct Messages on Tiktok For Stories

Tiktok For Stories

Today, Instagram ran a big press conference to announce a new feature.

So far, sharing your pictures and videos on Instagram was only in a public mode and therefore went into the feeds of everyone who followed you. From now on, you can send photos directly to one or several contacts.


The impressive success of Snapchat, the private photos and ephemeral app (pictures are deleted automatically after a few seconds) probably gave inspiration to Instagram and Facebook. After trying to buy the app, Instagram is now doing nearly the same with Instagram Direct. The principle is simple – a messages app. You have a “Inbox” tab and you’ll see the private photos your contacts have sent you. To send private photos there is a “direct” option that allows you to send pictures to either all your followers or the ones you choose: friends, parents, colleagues… Once you send it, you can see who has seen it, commented or liked it.


Social Media for Business in 2016: The Ultimate Checklist SocialMedia


Are you still stuck with social media in 2016? Are you beginning a new business and looking for a social media strategy? Do you need a refresh on the necessary networks? Then step this way…


Social media can be hard to get used to when a business is first starting out, but this infographic by The Whole Brain Group provides a checklist with tips on how to create a successful online social media presence. More about Tiktok For Stories



Make sure you know the age range, gender, occupation and location of your target audience before creating any content – don’t annoy people or promote yourself too much.

Your content needs to address the troubles of your audience, and answer any FAQs they may have. Start by writing a certain number of blog posts a week on various subjects – and don’t forget your target keywords!

On Facebook, don’t forget to tag other people and pages.

For Twitter, use Twitter Cards or Promoted Tweets to up the engagement on your content.

With LinkedIn, review your calendar on a weekly basis and connect with people you’ve met.

Following and featuring customers is a clever way to optimise your Instagram account.


8 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Content Marketing SocialMedia


The year is 2016, and more traditional forms of marketing are not reaping the results that they once did. Quality content marketing can boost your general marketing effort ten-fold. In fact, companies that engage in content marketing generate three times more leads than those who don’t!


95% of marketers claim they are doing content marketing in one form or another. So how can you make sure your content stands out amongst the hoards? Aussieessay have created the infographic below with some top tips for content.


1) Know your audience:

To create a great piece of content, you must know your audience. Only then will you be able to speak to them on an emotional level.


2) New and different:

Your content needs to be different and new. Don’t steal others ideas! You need to establish your brand as the thought leader in your specific industry


3) 6 simple tips:

Don’t use jargon

Make it understandable for anyone

Make it easy to read

Use short sentences

Make it concise

Make sure it’s easy to digest

4) It needs to be useful:

Content should add value:


A solution to a problem

An answer to a question

Good and trusted information

5) Give without asking:

Don’t alienate your audience by dangling a stick in front of their nose and never giving them the carrot.


6) Timing is everything:

Post at the time you know your audience will be reading. You want to be there first before the competitors!


7) Shareable:

Make content that people want to share with their friends and colleagues.


8) Promote:

Once you’ve created a piece of content, make sure you promote it.





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