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Playing Bingo can boost your brainpower and is a kind of keep fit exercise for the mind according to researchers from Southampton University.

What’s more, the same study also found that the older you are – the more mentally agile you could be!

The study took place back in 2002 and was conducted Southampton University’s Centre for Visual Cognition at the Department of Psychology. The study tested the mental agility of Bingo players over the course of a year and its results were rather surprising but great news for those of us beyond a certain age who love our Bingo.

The study measured the mental responses of 112 people aged either between 18 and 40, or 60 and 82. Half the people from each group played Bingo regularly whilst the other 50% didn’t. The results found that the Bingo players were both faster and more accurate than the people who didn’t play Bingo in a battery of tests which gauged mental speed, memory and the person’s ability to glean information from their environment.

The reasons seem to lie in the Bingo players’ mental agilities and abilities to mark off their cards (sometimes multiple cards) quickly with rapid hand to eye co-ordination and these are the skills which had previously been thought to decline with age. What’s more – unlike other pastimes which are generally considered to be far more cerebral – like chess, for example, Bingo calls for quick identification of numbers and winning lines etc., within time constraints.

So when you’re playing online Bingo, it may be better not to use the sites’ automatic play functions. The only problem then is the potential of missing a win – so maybe do a bit of both if you’re keen to preserve your mental agility.

Playing the right kind of online Bingo can also keep you happy. Jackpotjoy – the UK’s number one online Bingo site – keeps all its games fun to play with great graphics, sounds and different twits in each game which require a little more mental agility still. People can also socialize with other players or Jackpotjoy’s friendly staff while they play.

And, of course, they can also win significant amounts of money, as many players regularly do – like Mrs. Anna D who recently landed £3,092 playing Jackpotjoy’s Bingo 75 Round The Clock. So perhaps if Anna keeps playing until she’s 100 or more – she’ll be getting cleverer all the time!?

Useful Information About Online Bingo Sites

Hunting for the good Situs Judi Slot bingo sites on web is an intimidating task when there are hundreds of websites out there. Further, many online sites with jackpot bingo promotions are added each day; therefore it isn’t a surprise when someone tells you that he/she is unable to find good online bingo sites. Have you heard about the horror stories of choosing the worst online bingo site? If no, then know it as it shall help you out in selecting the good online bingo sites. However, you need to pay some amount to know about the site, you should also know whether the website is safe or not.

There many things that you have to do before checking out the good online bingo sites; firstly, you have to read the reviews of various sites. These reviews shall help you out in selecting the best site with jackpot bingo promotions. After reading the reviews you shall know which sites are not good enough so that you cross them off from your list. After narrowing your bingo site list, it would become easy to select one or two sites from a list of 4-5 sites. When you log onto each site, browse thoroughly and if the site lets you to play for free then try it out.

Let have a look at some of the criterions that are to be kept in mind while selecting a good site for you. Have a look at follows.

Reputation: The term reputation in the world of gambling means- the site has to pay the specified amount to the player and the site should have supportive site. Furthermore, the software used in the site has to be a safe and secure one. You can even know the reputation of the site by knowing its time period; for instance if the site is in the business for a long time then it shall be considered good, otherwise not.

Games: There are only some bingo sites that offer the best bingo games. Make a list of your favourite games and then check whether they are available on the site or not. However, look out for the mentioned below things:

Check out for the variations that you like. 2 lines, blackout, 4 corners and full house are some of the popular variants.

Check out where the players are more, the more the players the more rewards you can win.

Promotions: Almost every site provides promotions. There are many sites that provide you promotions just after signing in. You can even get a matching bonus; it means that if you have deposited $50, then you shall receive $50 too. There’s another bonus called no deposit that you can win too. You can even win rewards by referring to your friends.

Deposit and withdrawal options: You have to check out the reviews of the sites whether it pays the players in time or not. If you find any complaints regarding the payment options, you shouldn’t consider the site.

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