The Best Gifts for Ravensburger puzzlesCrafters: Ones They’re Sure to Love




With the kids back in school and the holiday season quickly approaching, now is an excellent time to start shopping for the special people in your life. If you have any crafters on your shopping list, you already know that finding the perfect gift for them is no easy task. There are  several factors to consider: their skill level, what types of projects they enjoy and their personal style. It’s also hard to find something that strikes the perfect balance between functional and thoughtful. Plus, most handcrafters already have tons of supplies that are just waiting to be used, and you don’t want to give them something that only adds to the clutter.


The good news is that from shimmering diamond art kits to monthly subscription boxes made specifically for creative folks, there are plenty of fabulous gifts that the hobbyist in your life is sure to love. And giving an incredible gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are options to suit every budget, so you can give thoughtful presents  this holiday season even if you do not have a lot of money to spend. Keep reading to discover a few of the best gifts for crafters that they are sure to love!


Diamond Painting Kits


When you are searching for the best gift for a craftsperson, you can never go wrong with diamond painting kits. What is diamond painting? It is an addictive and straightforward hobby that combines the ease of painting by numbers with the popularity of cross-stitch. But, instead of using paint or thread to create images, you use shimmering resin “diamonds.” Each kit comes with a self-adhesive canvas that is pre-printed with the design and symbols showing you where to place each colored gem. Once complete, the canvas is a shimmering, display-worthy work of art that is sure to turn heads.


The great thing about diamond art kits is that they are suitable for everyone. This craft can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels, and there are designs to match anyone’s style preference. And, when you shop Diamond Art Club® for the best diamond painting kits, you can be sure you are getting a top-quality product. Our kits feature premium canvases, high-quality, extra-sparkly, diamond drills and all the tools your recipient needs to complete their masterpiece.


Crafting Tools and Accessories of Ravensburger puzzles

No matter what type of craft your friend or loved one enjoys, they always need supplies. If you know what kinds of projects they like, consider buying them some useful tools and accessories. A set of high-quality knitting needles or crochet hooks would make a lovely gift for the fiber artist in your life. And some top of the line brushes or pencils are sure to be loved by any sketch artist or painter. A bright light for creating by is an excellent choice, as well. Any crafter who enjoys diamond painting, drawing, embroidery or scrapbooking would love a diamond painting light pad to illuminate their projects from below to help them take their designs to the next level.


If you aren’t sure what types of tools or accessories the creative person in your life might need or want, it never hurts to ask. If you are trying to be stealthy, though, try visiting a local arts and crafts store. Talk to someone who works there and let them know what hobbies your friend or loved one enjoys. Chances are, they will have plenty of recommendations for items  that someone working in that specialty would appreciate. If you can find a store dedicated to the particular craft they love — like a yarn store for a knitter or a fabric shop for someone who loves quilting — that’s even better! Online crafting groups are also great places to find out the types of supplies needed for each individual hobby.


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