A Good Night slothoki


It started out poorly. I played terribly in a $20+2 ten person SNG. I busted out in 9th place. And it was an ugly bust out. I played poorly. Next was a $10+1 ten person SNG and it was going poorly. Somehow I caught some cards and managed third place, $20. I also doubled up at the .10-.25 NLHE table, $12 profit.

But the big one was the $30+3 six person SNG. Finished first, running roughshod over the other 5. (One guy accused me and 2nd place of colluding.) I took home $126 there. That’s $66 spent, and $158 won for a profit of $92 in just an hour.

Feeling so good, thought I’d stay up and post some interesting hands from recent play:

No Limit Hold’em, 9 players, $.10-$.25 blinds

I’m UTG when I get As-Kh. I raise to $.50 and get two callers.

The flop is 4c, Qh, Kd. That’s a great flop for me. I bet the pot, $1.60 and get one caller.

The turn is the 9s. It doesn’t change anything. I bet $2.50 and he calls.

The river is the 5d. There’s no flush, no straight, no slothoki boat. I’ve got top pair with the best kicker, and a pair of A’s isn’t likely. Unless he’s got a set or two pair, I’m gold.

I push him all-in for his last $3.20 and he calls. I show my As-Kh, and he shows Qc-Th. What the hell? He spent about $8 on second pair?

I raised pre-flop, and bet the pot on each card. What did he think I had?!? Anyway, works for me.


No Limit Hold’em Sit and Go, 10 players down to just 7, 15-30 blinds

I’m on the button when I get Ah-Ts. I just call the big blind and three of us will see the flop.

It comes 7c, 7s, 7d. Hmmm. Wish I had a pair. Any pair. It’s checked to me and I bet 90 and the really big stack calls me.

The turn is the Tc. Hmmm. That’s a boat. He checks, I bet 270, he calls. Good.

The river is the 3s. Hmmm. Not likely to help him. If he’s got J’s or Q’s or K’s or A’s or a 7, he’s doing a great job slow-playing me.

He checks, I go all-in for 890 hoping on one hand he calls, and on the other he folds. He doesn’t call. Not only does he fold, but he shows me 2c-Td!!!

He had an almost 2-to-1 chip lead over me and he folded the best boat on the board?? Works for me.


No Limit Hold’em Sit and Go, 10 players down to just 6, 30-60 blinds

Otis is in late position when he sees Cowboys in his pocket. He raises to 120 and gets three callers.

The flop is Jc, 9c, Ts. Not the best flop for Otis. It’s a straight flop and a flush draw.

There’s two bettors in front of him, including one who goes all-in. Otis raises big to force the other caller out and it’s showdown time.

Otis shows his Kh-Kc and the other guy has 3h-Qh. He’s on a straight draw with only 6 outs (Otis has the other two K’s). At this point, Otis is a 78% favorite.

The turn is a meaningless 6c. Otis is now an 88% favorite.

You know where this is going. The river not only fills the straight, but it’s the Kd. The third K. Tough beat.


No Limit Hold’em Sit and Go, 10 players down to just 4, 50-100 blinds

I’m on the button, in last place in chips, when American Airlines lands in front of me. I raise to 450 and get one caller.

The flop is 8h, 7c, 8d. He checks, I go all-in and he calls.

It’s showdown time and my As-Ah is going up against his Ac-Js. Yes! I’m a whopping 98% favorite! I might as well start reaching for the chips.

The turn is the Th. No problem. He needed running J’s to beat me. Whoa… where’d that straight draw come from. Suddenly, I’m just a 91% favorite.

Again, you guessed it. The 9d on the river. The miracle running flush. I’m busted in 4th, just out of the money. Ouch.

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