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Hello again dear readers. I’ve been deep in the tank, sifting through the mud, combing the gravel for nuggets of wisdom. Its easier to see when the light is dim.


My computer is fairly new but nearly useless. I brought it straight home and crammed it full, like Dagwood at a deli. I can play sbo poker on 5 sites in 5 countries where the laws are softer than an Otis handshake. I have surround sound speakers and that cool game where you hijack cars. Computer geek indeed!

The computer is above the garage. So is the rest of the computer room. I have a TV with rabbit ears, so I can watch COPS on 3 channels. I have a ping-pong table, a Joe Morgan bobble-head and the decapitated head of Bobby Cox. His body shattered at a game last year. He was soft.

The room is just down the hall from the bedroom where my wife is snoring. Its a cute snore. My kids are in their rooms and the dog is licking his ass on the landing between the first and second floors. I can barely hear the slurping though, because COPS is too loud.

There’s always plenty of action here and the best of it is rarely poker. Right now, while I type this, I’m playing a multi-table tournament on UB. The fucking thing’s been going on for at least an hour and I’m doing OK. I’m a little bored with the play. That’s not helping. I’m already thinking about ditching this post for a game of car-hijacking. You can pick from about a dozen types of guns and the cars blow up if you crash too much.

This is the lesson I learned in the deep water swim. The lesson of…hey the weather-dope says rain again tomorrow…where was I again?

I’ve learned to set a timer on my poker play. I take a break every hour. It may not be true of every player, but I can plot a steady decline in my online play as soon as my ass goes numb. I’ve learned to turn off the TV and tune out the snoring and slurping distractions. This is common sense stuff and you damn well know you still screw it up.

We talk about the newbie fish who play their cards by “feel”..but you know the “feel” is real. When we have real focus we can read ever card, its the shooter’s zone and the runners high. When we have distractions, and we’re just doing math, the game is less fun and baby the thrill is gone. So are some of the profits.

I’m done with the grand month of self-pity and the FOCUS is back. Screw you reader….I’m posting again!

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