Eight is a Lucky Number for Judi Bola Online Players


Most casinos use web addresses based on card combinations or catchy names, but very few use numeric domains. One exception is 888.com.

888.com isn’t a new casino, however. It’s one of the domain names used by casino giant Casino on Net.

Casino on Net, established in 1996, is one of the grandfathers of online gaming. Since that time, millions of players have downloaded their top-notch casino package, which includes Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Slots, Craps and Baccarat.

But why use the 888.com domain as well as CasinoOnNet.com (and Casino-On-Net.com)? There are two reasons.

First, the number eight is considered lucky in Chinese culture and is highly sought after in phone numbers, addresses, and bank account numbers. It foreshadows prosperity and brings added confidence. The phonetic sound of eight in the Cantonese and Mandarin languages is also similar to the word for prosperity.

Eight can even be worth money to people who get their hands on it. License plates in Hong Kong with an eight in them can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Telephone area codes with eight in them are also very popular with the Togel community. Monterey Bay, California uses the 818 area code, and is the only city in the continental U.S. with an Asian majority.

Not every Chinese person believes that eight is a symbol of good luck, but Chinese gamblers certainly do. And Casino on Net is counting on the 888.com domain to attract them to the casino.

The other reason why this domain was created is a little more obvious, and maybe more relevant, for the rest of the online gambling community. 888.com is easy to remember and easy to spell.

Casino on Net offers players a choice of free-play or real money games, as well as a 20% sign-up bonus. The casino features reviewed payouts from PricewaterhouseCoopers, 24/7 technical and customer support, prompt cash-out, and one of the best reputations in the online casino business.

Aspinalls.com Offers Special VIP Prizes

from Aspinalls – Aspinalls.com, the first online-only casino business to be publicly traded, has unveiled a series of high-class promotions to attract new players to its London and Caribbean Casinos.

Until the end of July, there is automatic entry into a prize draw for any potential player who downloads the software for Aspinalls.com’s London Casino or Caribbean Casino and then registers online for free membership of Aspinalls.com.

The prize is an exclusive V.I.P. trip for two to Las Vegas worth over $21,000. The trip includes first-class travel, limousine transfers, a luxury suite at a leading hotel, and a gift of $1000 to play at the hotel’s casino.

Meanwhile, every new member who deposits and plays his or her first $50 at one of the Aspinall.com casinos will automatically receive a pair of designer cufflinks in the form of silver-plated playing dice, worth $70.

Russell Foreman, CEO of Aspinalls Online plc, said, “We want players to gain the maximum enjoyment from their visits to Aspinalls.com. That means offering a superb choice of casinos and games, supported by unrivalled customer service. It also means having first-class promotions, incentives and loyalty programs in place to reward our regular members. We believe our initial set of promotions delivers just that.”

Launched on 21st June 2001, Aspinalls.com’s London and Caribbean Casinos feature all the great casino table games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat along with slot machines, video poker and Keno. Each casino has its own look and feel – classic green, black and burgundy for London and lighter-hearted blue and yellow for the Caribbean. Both casinos share a minimum bet of $0.25 on the slot machines, but maximum bets differ at each – with a $2000 maximum on blackjack at the London Casino compared to $200 at the Caribbean.

To gain free membership at Aspinalls.com and automatic entry into the Las Vegas prize draw, visitors simply need to log on to the web site and install the software for the casino of their choice. The software can be downloaded directly from the site or installed from a free CD-ROM. The registration process then takes just a few minutes.

To then receive a pair of silver-plated designer cufflinks – compliments of Aspinalls.com – registered members need simply to deposit and play their first $50. Specially crafted for Aspinalls.com by a leading British designer, the cufflinks have the added benefit of unscrewing and becoming a set of playing dice in their own right.

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