Stanley Acropolis Caters to Serious 168 Players


“The casino is bare bones, so it doesn’t require a super computer and a broadband connection to run.”

Stanley Leisure has a long-standing reputation among international high-rollers for owning and operating the most exclusive casinos in Europe. It is Great Britain’s largest casino operator with 33 individual properties including the world renowned Crockford’s and the London based casino The Colony Club. With a pedigree like that, and 25 years of experience in the casino business, you would expect that Stanley knows what serious gamblers are after.

The company is also a seasoned pioneer in the online gambling arena. In 2000 Stanley Leisure became one of the first British operators to foray into the online gaming industry when it bought and assumed operation of online casino.

Today, Stanley is moving from strength to strength by combining its land-based casino experience with its 21st century internet technology.

“Our online casino players are serious gamblers who look for value and reliability over all else”explains Jonathan Steinberg, director of online gaming. “We started our online gaming division 2 years ago and have significant experience in both casino gaming and customer service. We have brought Andy Mace from Crockford’s to make sure that the same world class customer service found in our land based properties migrates online. Andy has several years experience making sure that every player that walks through the door is welcomed and well looked after.”

One of the secrets behind the success of is solid-state reliability. The casino is bare bones, so it doesn’t require a super computer and a broadband connection to run. It looks as good on a 14 inch 256 color monitor as it does on a 18 inch 24bit true-color flat screen. It also boasts one of the longest operating track records on the net. The casino is clean and simple, you won’t have any question as to what each button does and you’ll never be stuck asking yourself how to place a bet.

“We find that gamers interested in flash animations and non-traditional casino 168 games don’t stay at for very long. What we get are experienced online gamblers who for one reason or another left their previous online casino and made their long-term home here at ” tattles Steinberg.

The other piece of the Stanley formula for success lies in keeping their key players happy. Stanley maintains one of the most attracted bonus policies on the internet aimed at high-rollers. Their May 2002 offer grants all players wagering over $160,000 per month a .4% cash back bonus on their aggregate wagers. The company is paying thousands of dollars each month to big spenders, regardless if they won or lost.

Is this a casino for the Nintendo generation, probably not. is for the veteran player who is interested in going online and wagering big money with a casino company that knows its way around the casino business and around the internet.

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